What Intimate Weddings Are Teaching Us

We all know that life has changed in many ways for all of us in the last year, with weddings being no exception.  And while many of these shifts have been a challenge, some facets have actually introduced us to new ways of doing things for the better.  One example is the increase in popularity in small weddings.  These micro weddings are defined by REAL SIMPLE Magazine as, "A wedding containing all of the elements of a traditional day but on a much smaller scale." 

Many 2020 and 2021 couples may have been forced into this due to the pandemic, but experts in the industry say this trend may be here to stay for several reasons.  Below are a few of the key factors that are leading to a desire for more intimate weddings around the world. 

It's no secret that scaling down the size of your wedding will allow for a smaller budget.  Whether it's doing a dessert-only reception, or curating an intimate guest list, those that are money conscious may find the micro-wedding are an answer to their dreams and their savings!

Since the Pinterest era began in the last decade, weddings planning has taken a life of its own.  While many love to plan extravagant details and bring their vision to life, some are seeing the value in keeping things simplistic.  Wedding planning can rank as one of the most stressful experiences if you let it.  Thankfully, having vendors you trust, and utilizing a guide or wedding planner can help.  If the latter isn't an option, keep the details more minimalistic is a great way to relieve potential and unnecessary emotional and mental pressure. 

Sometimes challenges and trials make us better and perhaps one thing we have all learned through COVID-19 is what things really matter at the end of the day.  Having those who are most significant in your life present and choosing to focus on  a few of the most important details while letting the rest go may seem hard at first, but can also be exceptionally freeing.  The bottom line is- it's all about marrying the love of your life and starting your forever.  

There is no doubt that elaborate and large-scale weddings are here to stay- but maybe, just maybe, intimate weddings will be a wonderful option for those couples looking to save some cash, simplify their planning experience or those who have a smaller 'must-have' list. And perhaps, that's a lesson we could apply to many areas of our life.