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and embrace your life,
  one beautiful photo at a time.

There is a little bit of  

in the every day,
let's find it together!


Genuine and joy-filled moments are what make life incredible.  And it's often the little, quiet, in-between breaths that captivate our souls- these are the ones that should be remembered well.  The small snuggles, the close embraces, the sweet laughs, and the understanding that this time, these people, are your home. 

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authentic moments from
a joyful storyteller

"Simply put - Kate is an amazing photographer. She's been capturing beautiful and real memories of our family over the past ten years. We are always blown away with her talent and professionalism, both leading up to and during each session. She truly listens to her clients, resulting in a wonderful experience and photos we will cherish for a lifetime."  

"We are always blown away...."

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- Danielle 

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