The Best Wedding Venues In Minnesota

One of the most significant decisions you will make for your wedding day is the location.  It creates the vibe, greatly influences guest experience and largely determines the feel of your final images.  What defines a great space is different for everyone but after more then a decade in the industry, there are a few variables that I believe really allow a venue to rise above the others.  

Certain venues just have that 'wow' factor. They might have a very different vibe- whether it's a rustic chic or a modern feel- the moments and memories experienced  weave in greatly with the location.  It truly sets the tone for your day and helps your vision come to life!  Finding a space that enhances your wedding theme is crucial and also one of the most fun aspects of the planning process. 

A truly amazing venue will have the ability to adapt and adjust to your theme.  It's like a canvas that isn't blank but is the perfect backdrop to further create and design with.  When you tour the venue and review images of various weddings, look carefully at their ability to transform their space to further portray your vision!  Another component of this adaptability is the options the venue provides for outside and inside space.  The more choices you have to curate your experience, the better. With this crazy Minnesota weather we have, having a backup plan is always a good idea. 

Details, and diamonds are a girls best friend!  With so many day-of details taking place at your venue, its important that they run like a well-oiled machine.  Their focus on organization and helping you with the process is crucial and not all venues are created equal. Their communication should be efficient and thorough and the systems they have in place to plan an event of your caliber should be exceptional.  This clarity will be a life-saver as you navigate the many details and will aid in knowing exactly what your investment will be far before the big day. 

Given the above criteria as well as my own personal experience shooting at over 100 different locations, the following is a 
list of my favorite venues. Please keep in mind this list is not all-encompassing and that there are many outstanding spaces beyond it.  


2. adaptibility

Pinewood - Cambridge, MN

Redeemed Farms- Scandia, MN

the Lumber Exchange- MPLS, MN

abule- St. Paul, MN 

hope glen Farm- Cottage Grove, MN 

the crown room - rogers, MN 

little log house - hastings, mn

the barn at stoney hills - cushing, mn

aria - MPLS, MN 

Carlos Creek winery - alexandria, mn 

3. organization and extras